Brian Mujuni, BS, MSc

Research Interests: Point of care diagnostics, Nanobody technology, Recombinant Protein Techniques, Cancer Nanomedicine

He is the Center Coordinator/Manager for Africa center of Excellence in Materials, Product Development and Nanotechnology (MAPRONANO ACE) supported by World Bank. He has broad range of expertise in Project Management and coordination, leadership, research and training. He has played an active role in Project Coordination for the MAPRONANO ACE since 2015 from its inception. He has also had prior experience as a Project Coordinator on several projects within the College of Health Sciences ranging from, Inguinal Hernia project among others. His expansive research and scientific enigmas are well imprinted internationally where he was sponsored for a short term fellowship training in Camelid Nanobody technology and Recombinant Protein techniques (Nanobodies) in high tech research facility at Shregal Segal Department of Microbiology Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel. He also serves as a contributing editor for leading scientific and trade journal in the US (Vacuum Technology &Coating) where he wrote a column on nanotechnology. He is also an affiliated scientific board member for IVERA Nano a biotechnology company based in Israel with a partnership with UVRI and US Army Military Research Institute. He is also the Director for CDogma Research Life Sciences Ltd, a spin off diagnostics Company in Uganda. He also serves as the coordinator for a UIC Cancer Center-MakCHS, Mekelle University Collaborative research program.

Selected Publications (Under review): As part of his MSc thesis he did work on characterization of S.aureus from Community and Hospital Isolates from which two Manuscripts are under review:

  1. Genotypes of Community MRSA colonizing children under 5 in rural Eastern Uganda, Manuscript under review 

  2. Prevalence of coagulase negative Staphylococci among community isolates in Uganda (manuscript under review) 

  3. Nanotechnology Key roles in Cancer Therapy, Mujuni Brian, Dr. Narendra Parmar, Dr. Abhijit Biswas, Dr. IIker S. Bayer, VT&C Magazine, USA (Review Article submitted to VT& C Technology Trade Journal in the US).